A Sunday Summary–Writing SLOs and more…

I want to Keep It Sweet and Simple with this post…I’ve gotten in over my head by taking on teaching the undergrad course along with a full-time job, three kids, and a husband.  But, I do have some interesting things going on.



3 things that I’ll follow up on this week:

  • I came across an interesting folder last spring regarding writing your SLO in terms of looking at the math practices.  I plan on writing my SLO in this way because I believe it’s more meaningful for instruction.  We are going to discuss it at our department meeting…I think several in my department are on board with trying to figure out how this might be done.  Hopefully I’ll be able to post a follow up.
  • Our book study bundle of Powerful Problem Solving came in (our PTSA purchased this for us).  I’ll disperse those on Monday…and we can begin digging in.
  • I’m going in to an 8th grade classroom tomorrow to introduce Pythagorean in 3D.  I thought this lesson from Yummy Math was a good intro.  I created my own worksheet to go with it because I want to see if the students can visualize the scenario and come up with the important information needed to solve the problem.fish pic

*It’s not perfect…but going to see what happens…

2 things I’m looking forward to:

  • I’m taking the online Math Forum class–Looking at Student Work.  It began this week…I can’t wait to learn from the others that are taking this course.  I also think it will fit in nicely with writing SLOs in terms of looking at the Math Practices.
  • The nice weather that we’re having…moving further into the fall, leaves changing, going to see a Redskins game, …

1 thing I want to work on:

  • @jreulbach posted a Desmos lesson she’s working on.  I was planning on writing something similar for Algebra 1.  I want to take all of the great feedback she’s getting…and make an attempt as well.  I’ll get around to it soon…  😉

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