A Favorite Activity: Create-A-Quiz

This is part of a challenge to blog weekly for the school year.  See other posts at #MTBoSChallenge.


I missed yesterday’s link up to share a favorite game or activity…and @luvbcd already shared one of my favorite games SKUNK.  See her post here.

One of my favorite things to do towards the end of learning about a topic is to have the students “Create-A-Quiz.”  The most important part of this assignment is that they MUST make it a multiple choice quiz.

I talk about quizzes and tests with the students and ask them how they think the multiple choice questions are created.  We discuss how the common errors/misconceptions are used to create the WRONG answer choices.  We go over a few examples of how this might be done…focusing on all of the different ways students might respond for a particular question.  Then, I have them work with a partner to make their 4 question multiple choice quiz.  They, of course, must have the correct answer marked for me so that I know they understand the question themselves.

I often use some of the student-created questions as quiz problems and name the authors on the assessment.

I love this activity because the students are focusing on the errors that might occur while using a ton of math talk to come up with the question and the multiple responses.  I think it would be a nice extension to have students come up with multiple select items for their quiz as well.

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