#MTBoSChallenge A 3 + 2 + 1 Summary

I missed blogging last week because we were trying to enjoy the “last unofficial” weekend of summer.  I want to continue on this journey of blogging weekly as part of the #MTBoSChallenge…so here goes.


I’m having a hard time figuring out how to break down my 3-2-1 summary…so I just decided to share 3 + 2 + 1 things that I’m thinking about now…

  1. This was the first week of classes at St. Mary’s College of Maryland.  This is where I spent my undergrad years as a math major and now I live about 7 minutes away.  I’m co-teaching Math for Elementary Teachers with a colleague from within my middle school building.  I haven’t taught anything like this class before and it’s a wonderful challenge.  I expect to spend lots of time perusing the blogs of @TracyZager@JSchwartz10a@gfletchy, and @Trianglemancsd.
  2. I’m super excited because I decided to ask our PTSA to purchase the book study bundle for Powerful Problem Solving from @maxmathforum for our math department.  They agreed to do it and so far about 10 out of 12 people in the department that completed my google survey said they would be interested in reading the book together.  A resource teacher at one of the other middle schools liked the idea so much, she asked her principal if they could pursue the same thing.
  3. One of my responsibilities this year is supporting our In School Intervention room for one period a day (this is for the students that have been disciplined).  While the students are in there, they are supposed to complete the work they are missing from not being in class.  I am there to give them any help that they may need.  The other day, however, the students had completed their work and needed something else to do.  I decided to check out the Math Munch games tab.  I steered the students towards Light-Bot, as I was familiar with the game because of #HourofCode.  They were completely engaged and were shouting “YES!” when they would complete a challenging level.  I plan to expose them to some of the other critical thinking games on the site.
  4. I need to start working on Professional Development that I will be delivering inside the building on September 19th.  Another colleague (reading/language arts department chair) and I were asked to co-present on accommodations and modifications in the general education classroom.  We will each have suggestions specific to content, but, our over-arching theme will be how to minimize executive functioning weaknesses.
  5. As I’m sitting here trying to think of my number 5…I’m thinking my 1 through 4 are quite a lot.  So…I’m going to take a minute to pay attention to the NFL Sunday that I’m watching right now before I continue on with my #6. [GO REDSKINS!]
  6. I’m not in the classroom anymore…so I don’t have a place to implement all of the lessons/activities that I’d want to.  This week…I’ve seen these great posts:

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