This Week’s Sunday Summary… A New 3-2-1

Another Sunday…another summary for the #MTBoSChallenge!  




Students returned to school on Wednesday, but the week began with district-wide, pre-service professional development by content area. 

3 things that happened this week:

  • Monday was the district-wide professional development for secondary math (grades 6 – 12).  As part of the professional learning experience provided for the teachers, I created this Thinglink that allowed the teachers to work through at their own pace, based on their own needs.  This was out of ordinary for professional development in our district–and I was incredibly nervous about how it would be received.  There are opportunities for feedback built in to the Thinglink…I was ecstatic to find that most of the feedback was extremely positive!  A big thank you to @Algebrasfriend for encouraging me to move forward with my idea for providing a professional learning experience in this format…as well as for providing me great feedback for refining some of the rough edges!
  • I began to work on my schedule for providing support in my building.  I will be mentoring a returning teacher that is teaching all of our 8th grade Algebra 1 courses.  So, I have made being in her first period class part of my day.  She has 2nd period planning, so we are able to reflect and revise rather easily and determine if there needs to be any adjustments for the rest of the day.  I also know for sure that I will be co-teaching a 90-minute 7th grade class as well, in order to meet the needs of the students with special needs in the class. 
  • Our district has adopted a new model for students that have to serve in-school suspension.  One 45 minute period of my day (each period of the day is covered by certified teachers) will be working with any student(s) that have been in school suspended.  My role will be to help them complete any of the work that they missed due to being removed from class.  I am also looking into creating some math file folder activities to pull, in addition to creating a Google site where students are linked directly to games for math practice.  When I went in to work with a student this week, I used the Thinking Blocks site to help model some of the fraction problems that needed to be completed.  

2 things on my to-do list:

  • One of the teachers in my building team teaches with a special educator all day.  She is interested in how to minimize teaching to the whole class–and instead deliver instruction in small groups through the use of stations.  We will be working together this week to figure out what this will look like, and determine next steps.  I’m thinking a lot of cutting, gluing, and laminating is in my future!  (PS…if you have any input on using stations regularly in your classroom–I’m all ears)
  • I REALLY need to add more problems to this site for each grade level.  

1 thing I’m hoping to be consistent with:

  • As the resource teacher for the building, I’m trying to keep track of the great tasks, lessons, activities that the teachers in my building are using to build instruction.  I want to pay close attention to the sequencing and the pacing. I’d like to build an in-house resource so that we aren’t constantly saying “What activity did we use for….?” and then have to recreate the wheel.  


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