July Challenge #13 Why Write?

I think it’s interesting that @mathtans asked this question a bit ago and then it seemed to get reignited by Dan Meyer’s keynote at #TMC14 this past week.

I’ve admired the math education bloggers and Twitterers (I know that’s not a thing) from afar for quite a while.  I’ve been reading, bookmarking, forwarding, pinning, and OCCASIONALLY commenting for years.  When I finally jumped on the Twitter train myself…I was awestruck!  There is a 24/7 conversation happening…Convos about (1) what’s good for kids (2) what’s good for math (3) CCSS (4) Ed research (5) math research (6) great books (7) you name it!!!

Other people love this stuff as much as I do…I couldn’t get enough!

I became intrigued about starting a blog…I wondered what it would feel like.  I wanted to be able to contribute to this group that gives so freely.

However, I am not a confident writer…but I believe in the writing process.  It forces you to think about your thinking.  I haven’t been doing this long, and I do hope that I occasionally have something of value to share, but most importantly…I hope that blogging helps me to do these things:

  1. not be so afraid of writing
  2. revise and refine my thinking
  3. improve my ability to articulate verbally what I believe to be good for kids

I usually keep so much of what I do in my head.  The way I progress through a lesson, the questions I ask, the way I scaffold for the kids that need it… As an instructional resource teacher…I need to be able to make my thinking visible.  I can’t help but believe that this process will help in that.

One thought on “July Challenge #13 Why Write?

  1. The biggest struggle for me in this regard is settling on an idea that both me and any potential readers can find interesting as a discussion starter.

    Once I have my main idea settled, it helps me write more confidently and boldly.


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