July Challenge #12 Sharing Strategies and Playing Catch Up

Well…so much for keeping up with this challenge!!!  I have 19 more posts to make the 31 needed for July and only 10 more days to do it… YIKES!

The other day I noticed that @druinok and @pamjwilson were discussing this book.


They really must have been reading my mind…because I had been thinking that I could share a strategy that I’ve used for one of my posts.  So…here goes…

Three 3’s in a Row

Here’s how it works:

  • Complete the Three 3’s in a Row template by creating nine questions based on the content being learned.
  • Students should walk around the room asking classmates to explain one answer (only one answer) to them.  (I like the speaking and listening component here – AND we know kids just love to move!)
  • Students should summarize their classmates’ responses in the appropriate box – Don’t let students write in each other’s template or you’ll end up with a passive game of pass-the-paper. Only the owner of the template writes on the template.
  • Students should repeat this process of finding classmates to answer questions.
  • Students may not use a classmate to answer more than one question.
  • Go over the answers as a class, by asking volunteers to share their responses.

Here is a version I did when teaching Introduction to Special Education.  (Can’t locate my math example right now.)

If you do a quick Google search…you can find some decent PPts highlighting many of the books techniques, like this one here.

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