July Challenge #9 Cleaning Out Old Notes

If you’re like me…you probably come across so many great thoughts and ideas that it’s impossible to hold onto them all, let alone implement, or even remember where they came from.

I went to school today to pull some resources for pulling together mini-assessments for CCSS Algebra 1 units.

In rummaging through my boxed up materials, I came across a notepad with notes from a workshop I attended YEARS ago at the The Lab School of Washington.  It was a workshop on teaching math to students with special needs.

In leafing through the notes…I came across this quote (but, I have no idea where it’s from or who said it)…

Good mathematics is NOT how many answers you know–but how you behave when you don’t know.

This is what we want for kids isn’t it???  It’s the essence of what the Common Core Standards for Math Practice are promoting.  It just shows you that what was good math…still is.  

If you are familiar with this quote/sentiment…please let me know!

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