July Challenge ~I missed a day and need to double up POST

I just couldn’t get a post in yesterday…we had company and then went to view fireworks at my Alma Mater here.  I’m feeling pretty bummed about it…BUT, I’ve never posted this much in my life!!!  So, this challenge is definitely fun and a motivator for me.

I’m going to piggy-back and base this post off of the great #5things ideas that I saw in some of yesterday’s posts from @druinok, @Radical_Robin@RoxyGirlTeacher, and @jomalleyiv.

5 Things that I NEED to have in my classroom:

  1. Centimeter cubes~I just love all of the immediate things that you can do with centimeter cubes: collect data, create patterns, build 3-d figures, and there is a Build It activity that I love in this book.
  2. Highlighters~I use highlighters for some of the obvious reasons.  But the most important use for me is when I’m walking around the classroom while students are working it allows me to quickly focus their attention on particular elements of problems.  With my background in Special Education…I’ve come to use this a quick way to create visual organizers for students that need it.  Also, if I notice that a student is having difficulty getting started, I might highlight two or three problems that I want them to focus on first.  Inevitably, a reluctant learner will begin a task if I’ve highlighted specific things for them to complete.  
  3. Index cards~I love to make matching games, or use them to create sorting tasks…Or better yet, have students create matching games or sorting tasks.
  4. Whiteboards~Must.have.whiteboards…or…sheet protectors.  I love to have students work in pairs or small groups on different things.  It’s also great at a moments notice if you need a time-filler or if you need to throw some problems up on the board because you are having a sort of “winging it” day. 
  5. Newsprint paper or some other sort of BIGGER paper~I also like groups to create their product using this sort of output.  This way they can be hung around the room and the students can do a gallery walk.  

That’s it for this post…remember I have to do another one today!

7 thoughts on “July Challenge ~I missed a day and need to double up POST

  1. I’ve not used highlighters much, but I like your comment on them! Where do you find the newsprint paper? I was looking at butcher paper at Sam’s to use for group work.


  2. OMG… I can’t believe I forgot mini whiteboards as one of my top 5…. Especially after reflecting on my class teams and how much they use a team whiteboard….

    And I use big poster paper too… That is a definite necessity… Which goes hand in hand with markers…. Wow, I need like a top 20….. I can’t narrow it down to 5… LOL :o)


  3. I love my multi link cubes and I have that same book and kids LOVE Build It! Shame on me for not squeezing it in with my kids this school year. Do you do like any other activities from that book? I have also done the Toothpick ones.


    • I like the spinner tasks a lot. The ones at the beginning…I think they are called what’s my number. There is a what’s my line too (I think that is what it’s called). The book is at school. I’ll have to get it and check on it for you!


  4. OK I left a reply already, but don’t know where it went. I have the same book and have done Build It with my kids for years. Unfortunately, and shame on me, I did not find time for it last year. The kids love it! I also do the Toothpick activity. Are there any other activities from the book you love. It drove me crazy at first that there was no answer key. LOL


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