July Challenge #3–An Ode to Tech

I love tech!

When I see something new…I jump right in to explore.  I don’t wait for any training…I like to figure it out myself.

Some things I’ve explore this year:

This has to be first on my list!  There aren’t enough words to say how great this platform is for engaging kids with the content.  AND IT’S FUN!  I’ve delivered PD in my district on Desmos and, of course, shared all of those great co-authored lessons.  I love it so much I’ve volunteered to be a contributor on Daily Desmos.  Here is my very first one.

I learned about this from Mathy Cathy via Twitter.  I think that there are a lot of possibilities and I haven’t even begun to dig in deep with this one.  Here is my very first one.  (I wanted to embed it on this page…but, it seems that wordpress doesn’t support a Thinglink plug-in…)

I think I learned about this one from Rafranz Davis.  What isn’t there to learn from this woman!  I had already been using Prezi (believe it or not…my mind thinks this way)…but, I love the simplicity of Haiku Deck for presentation.  It almost forces you to keep it simple and sweet.  I’m not finished with this one…but here is the start to my first.

Some tech that I really planning on exploring more this year includes:  Geogebra and Plot.ly …as well as working to find ways to share these ideas with my colleagues in my district.

Any other interesting tech ideas to check out…please share!


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