July 2014 Blogging Challenge

It looks like I need a good reason to put thoughts down in writing. It’s an intimidating process for me…so I choose to avoid it if I can. I was inspired by @druinok and her post here.

So the prompt for today is START/STOP/CONTINUE…this is just the type of prompt that I can handle~a LIST!

3 things to START:

  • I want to become more comfortable presenting to my peers.  I would love to feel confident enough to draft a proposal for a local conference.  Or even write an article for publication.
  • I would like to begin working on a doctorate degree… *that is all.  SCARY
  • I would like to promote a culture of professional learning in my building this year…and not worry about the naysayers.  I hope to do this through the process of lesson study.

3 things to STOP:

  • I need to stop and smell the roses a little more often.  I need to STOP thinking about education and math ALL. OF. THE. TIME.  I need to get a hobby other than education.
  • I need to stop worrying about what other people think.  I mean…I’m kind of the crazy/math/education/thinker in my building.  And they laugh (lovingly I think) at me.  But it’s ok!
  • This one is hard…not sure what else I’d stop.

3 things to CONTINUE:

  • I would like to continue trying this blogging thing out.  I think I might use text to speech to put down some of my thoughts.  I tend to overthink the wording when I write.
  • I would like to continue to read some of the great articles/books that are shared via Twitter.  What an amazing tool to have at our fingertips 24/7!!!
  • I would like to continue to push teaching literacy within the math content area.  It’s a stretch for some…so I need to find and provide useful, effective, practical strategies (and hassle free).

Ok…WHEW!  I did it…what’s next???

2 thoughts on “July 2014 Blogging Challenge

  1. Love your list. I agree that I too, have to turn myself off from always thinking about math/school. This summer I have started keeping track of how much time I spend on school related stuff. It’s eye opening. We are going to be focusing more on disciplinary literacy this coming school year so hopefully we can blog about and share ideas of what is working,


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