Pick-Up Sticks (A collaborative assessment item…)

So…a while back…@mjfenton posted

I appreciate his efforts to move instruction forward by being reflective of the assessments he creates for his students.  It is really hard to make/find assessment items worthy of the instruction we are all trying to do in our classrooms.

I read his post…and it made me wonder if this was what he was getting at:

I finally got around to doing this with a small group of 8th grade students that I work with.

Pick Up Sticks

I told the students that the focus was not simply the matching…but, their ability to explain clearly how they were able to make their decisions (use mathematical language–we did first brainstorm what vocabulary should be included in their descriptions).  Initially…they didn’t understand how they could match the equations to the graphs because there were no numbers on the axes.  But, eventually…

pick up sticks pic

The part that I love the most…is that I decided to extend the activity and get them to create their own Pick-Up Sticks task.  This allowed me to have conversations about spacing on the axes, parallel lines, relative steepness….

Student Pick Up Sticks

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